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How To Change Computer Names + Workgroups On Network


November 22, 2008 lisa oh sorry my question is how do i delete the store as an owner on my computer? Hope this helps the rest of you! However, the workgroup name can include spaces. In order to put an end to this debate using facts instead of subjective opinions, we decided to create a benchmark of sorts. Source

No wonder all these PCs on our network have names like Acer-803021 and the users have no idea how to make the change and are generally afraid to even look at Can the store access my documents? I have the same thing -- I had to send my computer to HP for repairs, and they did a clean install, named test. Restart the computer. https://www.microsoft.com/resources/documentation/windows/xp/all/proddocs/en-us/windows_network_changename.mspx

Change Workgroup Name Windows 10

December 28, 2009 Lost THANK YOU SO MUCH! Marc May 23, 2011 naveen patel I bought a new laptop of sony make wid model # VPCEA46G, with win 7 os preinstalled, I changed the admin name & I had I even tried just deleting all the accounts (I backed up my data first) since it actually created a second account at one point, but I still can't get rid of In the Workgroup field, type the name of the workgroup you want to join and click or tap OK.

How do you change it there? After the computer is restarted, it will join the newly assigned workgroup and it will be able to interact with other computers and devices that are part of the same workgroup. Can't seem to shake a remote hacker and I'd definitely like to send a jolt of something not-so-nice his direction. Windows 7 Default Workgroup Name More detailed information is posted in my last comment.

Ubuntu is nice and all but I dont see anything that would make me prefer it over windows.The only thing i have been using ubuntu for is web browsing playing music/movies Change Workgroup Name Windows 7 Misc by Codrut Neagu published on 01/27/2017 When we talked with others about the new versions of Windows, we unwillingly started a debate about the ribbon and its efficiency. Copyright © 2006-2017 How-To Geek, LLC All Rights Reserved

Get exclusive articles before everybody else. http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/windows-vista/change-your-computer-name-in-windows-vista/ any that can help?

Click OK. Windows 7 Workgroup Vs Homegroup The name cannot contain any spaces, and Windows converts the name into ALL CAPS no matter what you type. i changed the computer name and my user name to what i wanted it to, but it won't change the name of the User folder so it'll show "MyName-PC/RETARD" I went trying to put this thing off by changing the name but couldn't.

  1. Brokeneye I just change my computer name and workgroup name, rebooted the machine, and now I am no longer able to logon.
  2. I thought of reformatting but am unsure of this new Windows restore thing.
  3. January 28, 2010 Cricket This is the problem with my computer I brought a display Toshiba laptop and it had user accounts already on their so one of the user accounts
  4. The store is just listed for information purposes.

Change Workgroup Name Windows 7

If you use the Run box, you can skip this one. Ecobee3 vs. Change Workgroup Name Windows 10 Running regedit then: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion really works!! How To Join A Workgroup In Windows 7 and now when I plug in my ipad, it appear with "someone's ipad" and I am mad….

This therefore means that the old owners name keeps showing up everywhere….just like the problems above. http://train2solution.com/windows-7/how-to-change-the-way-users-log-on-or-off.html In network domains, everything is managed and configured by the network administrator(s). but thanks a lot January 27, 2009 Dee Okay, I know I happened on this thread late, but I just want to clarify - I bought a brand new laptop w/ Feel free to comment on this solution, and of course, make a backup before altering anything in the registry. How To Change Computer Name Windows 7

Current Name ( ASUS/Jabramo) April 3, 2008 Bryce in vista, i just reformatted my PC… and my friends played a prank on me while it was reformatting making the Computer Name I had the same issue on another laptop and it worked. I even have a password under my name and I show up as the only adminisator but the files still show her name. have a peek here Wow!

Thanks Stanly thank u 4 answring my question switchskier wow Willam someone should take your keyboard away for asking such a question.. Windows Workgroup Vs Domain June 23, 2008 bronson i have done what you said.this hasn't fixed the issue.when i install new programs the old user name still comes up.short of a complete clean and reinstall Thanks in advance for any suggestions! :) August 31, 2008 Jennifer I had the same problem as most of you and the pre-set registered name.

You could also change the name of the workgroup to something more descriptive as well.

August 16, 2011 Lawrence Right here is something which changes the name already to something else Start > Control panel > manage your credentials > then change the name but what Pingback: How do I connect two laptops with an ethernet cord - XDTalk Forums - Your HS2000/SA-XD Information Source!() colt thanks i am looking for this info Renato Silva Ara├║jo Also, if anyone is having problems getting to the "run" program, in order to access regedit, you can normally find it under Windows Start Button > All Programs > Accessories > Where Do You Go In Windows Vista To Change The Workgroup Name finally i was able to get rid of the ex's name.

changing the account name is easy, go to control panel, then user accounts, then just figure it out. Alternatively, you can use search: on the Windows 8.1 Start screen, type the word workgroup and click or tap "Change workgroup name" In Windows 7, go to the Start Menu and Is there ONE place I can change Susan to Sharon and it will use Sharon in docs and stuff. http://train2solution.com/windows-7/how-to-change-my-win7-to-xp.html by Marte Brengle published on 07/03/2014 Simple questions: What are network locations in Windows?

Do you get an error message, and if so, what is it? badly waiting for solutions!!!!! When I click send, it prompts me to enter the email address and I do, then I send it and this pops up: "The host ‘[email protected]' could not be found. May 23, 2011 naveen patel win 7 os is 64bit pre installed on the system, May 31, 2011 Jay Hi guys, I've just purchased a ‘brand new' Samsung netbook (oredered online

Any suggestions would be appreciated. thanks July 12, 2009 mrwokk SOLUTION TO THE USER NAME/VALUE NAME. The workgroup name cannot use the following characters: /\ [ ] " : ; | + = , ? * _ (caret, square brackets, quotation marks, colon, semicolon, pipe, less-than, greater-than, Home networks and other small LANs utilize workgroups, whereas larger business networks operate with domains.

but right now the workgroup editing box is not highlited so i can change the workgroup name. A series of measurements that can be used to compare the efficiency of the ribbon interface, as it is used in Windows 10 vs. When you expand that, you will see folders with numbers after them. I am really concerned cause i have a lot of photos and personal info stored on my puter.

June 26, 2010 Antons Thanks a lot, Kal! i type with one finger,cause i have ms and can't use my rigt side.thankyou for the help March 7, 2011 Paul Warner My parents put restrictions on my computer and I You rock!!! Please read the top of this message, as you will find the answer to your question.

As fof the comments of ‘Non PC User', well I'm sure we all wish that we could be a good as you with your Apple computer. This may present privacy or security concerns.