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How To Change My Newly Signed Up YouTube Name To My Business Name?


Maybe you can help me resolve this issue I'm having. If i convert and my name is Dario Angelovski,can i change to DACCI? I have this problem! Download Your Profile Information First, let me back up and explain. Source

I never really used it much. Thank You so much. The Chromebook now has a different "owner" account (domain addy) and regular user (gmail addy), and doesn't recognize them as both emails being from the same account. Matt Smith Hi Andi, You're not alone, plenty don't seem to realise this is possible! https://forums.techguy.org/threads/how-to-change-my-newly-signed-up-youtube-name-to-my-business-name.1086732/

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Managers will be able to access and act as administrators for both your Google+ page and YouTube channel.  They won’t be able to access your other pages and channels though, only It’s not easy -- acheiving this level of privacy can be as hard as acheiving corresponding levels of security. The same basic flaw as you found is now screwing me too, only in a different way. Can you upload the backup?

Click that icon and you'll see a button for Creator Studio and a gear icon. It's at least worth a shot! Reply Alvin says: 5/13/2013 at 3:03 pm I have exactly the same problem as Patricia.. Youtube Account Sign In With no moderation tools your choices are either to let everyone post at which time people will spam the group and your "fans" will turn off notifications (so you won't be

Jon Loomer You can only tag fans within posts that they've commented on, unfortunately. Create Youtube Channel If I were to merge the two, wouldn't my personal profile of "Eric" be the main result of the merge? I announced it. this content Content Money Traffic Social Media Blogging Tips Freelance Business Interviews Reviews You Are Here: Home > Blogging Tips > How To Create Multiple YouTube Channels Under One AccountHow To Create Multiple

I work for a publishing co. How To Start A Youtube Channel And Make Money Christina I am having the same problem, CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP?? Or do I take all the content from the page she manages and place it over to her profile page and then delete the page she manages. You may realize it or not, but most of the times you use keywords to search for the information you need.They key to success is the ability to think the way

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skysenshi Only half of my contacts got migrated over and since I mistakenly changed my profile name to that of my blog's name, I cannot use my real name anymore. This Site no, but really I have tried for weeks to choose a suitable name for my new business that nobody else has and found one... Youtube Account Sign Up or does the alias feature offer a reasonable workaround? Youtube Channel Names As a business owner, I have no access to your personal information that isn't already public.

Can anyone help me in advsing how I get the migration to recognise my password, even tho I can use it to log in? this contact form She does not have a gmail account yet I can sign onto her google account using [email protected] and it comes up with a google account with her primary email (non-gmail) address. Nancy Verbrugghe I converted a profile to a fanpage, without any hassle… HOWEVER, I cannot add a second administrator to the page.. Jon Loomer Assuming the name, address and purpose of the page and profile are the same, you can first convert the the profile to a page, then merge it with the How To Create A Youtube Channel And Make Money

  1. In these instructions I’ll assume this other account is a Gmail account.) Go to the home page of the Google Account you want to delete at  https://www.google.com/accounts/ManageAccount.
  2. I've been trying to find out how to do this, and you're right, there's not that much info about it out there.
  3. Cathy Henderson Hi there, I converted a personal page to a profile page for a charity over a month ago.
  4. I have a page that I want to share with someone as an admin but don't want them to have control of other parts of my fb acct.
  5. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.
  6. Sarah E Hi this is really useful, I wish I'd read it sooner.

Even more importantly, if you are the owner any document/file, then transfer ownership to your Gmail account. It’s just scary. They need to pretty clearly represent the same thing. have a peek here says: 4/22/2015 at 12:23 pm i'm trying to establish a new account on my tablet- so that I can access my emails and such on it.

So I linked my personal FB to business FB by making my personal profile like my business FB, now I have 2 admins which are both myself (one with my personal How To Make A Youtube Video That is the home page for configuring any Google account. Jon Loomer Exactly, @facebook-794003496:disqus!

I don't recall using my gmail address to sign up for it (it was a LONG time ago!), but somehow I seem to now have a Blogger blog linked to my

I thought that as a musician I could have a band page and also like things and share and have a timeline like my friends do. Wird geladen... I've been holding out because I have over a 5000 and over a thousand pending friend requests and I hated the thought of losing years of visible FB history. How To Start Youtube Channel The easy fixes are also the ones you may live to regret.

I too am using Google business accounts and for the most part they work wonderfully, but when it comes to the highest-level functions of account control, account mapping, and alias, Google But they are still pending and I'm worried they will not be added and I'll have to start my channels over. Facebook haven't responded when I asked about. Check This Out Reply Fergal Butler says: 2/7/2010 at 1:45 am I believe that it's actually even more confusing than what you've alluded to in the this blog post.

To enable this option, visit the account sharing settings page.Connecting social media accounts to the channelLet others find youHave you ever thought about the way you look for information on the I did not know I could do what you mentioned above, so I tried to add 2 new channels to my approved adsense account that is already linked to another channel Chrissy Morin People mistakenly think that admin-ing a page from their personal profile gives access to their personal profile … it absolutely does NOT do that. Jon Jade Dowling Hi there, I am trying to convert my profile into a fan page as it is a business and I didn’t realise I couldn’t have a business page

I only use g-mail now and have no trouble signing into my g-mail account with the address and password I set up independent of a Google Account. Any advice would be much appreciated. ashok9426 i have a page with more than 1000 likes. I have many writer friends -- some with a dozen books they DO promote but they are also individuals, not business pages.

Reply Patricia43 says: 5/9/2013 at 12:31 pm I have a problem similar but perhaps not the same. Click the Accounts and Import tab. Montana Tan Hi, After logging in to my Personal Page I have attempted the migration many times. At that point i saw that this old email address was connected to my Android phone!

About your next question, yes you can make many channels in one gmail account - simply visit: https://www.youtube.com/channel_switcher and switch between them or create new one! I intend to post my music using other sites such as myspace and twitter which seem more relevant. Jon Loomer Awesome, Jen! You'd have to first convert your profile to a Page, then merge them.

I recommend always having an admin on the Facebook Page, otherwise you miss out on some functionality.