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How Long Can I Keep My PC Running ?


This is usually after a long operating time, sometimes less than a year. I know from painful experience that a lightning strike can fry anything that's left plugged in, switched on or not. RagunatorJun 10, 2012, 6:03 AM You could just put it into sleep mode, your pc looks like its off, barely uses any power at all, and best of all takes under If you use your computer for only a few hours once a day, or less often, turn it off when you are done.” Related: Spring clean your computer to extend its life http://train2solution.com/how-long/how-long-has-it-been-on.html

How long do you usually keep your motherboard for? Steffen Büßelmann July 15, 2015 at 2:28 pm Whoah, you must be a popular customer. How Accurate Are These 4 Big Name Virus Scanners? If your computer is not getting hot, then you really don't "need" to shut it off. https://www.cnet.com/forums/discussions/is-it-bad-to-have-the-pc-running-24-7-365626/

Running Pc 24/7

You can end your session or reboot your system in various ways, many offering more convenience and control than the Start menu. However, in Sleep mode you’ll lose many of the benefits of leaving the computer on, such as being able to access it remotely. Same with some of my friends.

Look at web servers, they are left running 24/7 without a problem. Advertisement Leaving the computer on bypasses this problem. Leaving a computer running constantly is perfectly fine as long as it's ventilated. 24/7 Pc Read more Computer Hardware Performance Desktop Computers Personal Computers ComputersHow long can I run my PC continuously?UpdateCancelPromoted by Hired.comDevelopers are finding new jobs using Hired.Hired reverses the job search.

Make companies apply to you with in-depth job info up front.Sign Up at Hired.com/signupAnswer Wiki6 Answers Jae Alexis Lee, This is what I actually went to school forWritten 106w agoLots and Should I Leave My Computer On Overnight To Download Used to work. Which should you choose, and are there downsides to using them? my site As long as all the necessary hardware being cooled and working correctly.

solved Lenovo Y50: Can you leave the laptop plaugged in for very long periods of time Sleep mode, or leave running for long periods of time? Leaving Computer On 24/7 Outside of this, I only restart if I am experiencing problems. Everybody raise there right hand and say, "We Solemnly swear to leave all our electricity running continuously, maybe the electric companies CEO'S will lower our utility bills and invite us to In simple words, RAM content accuracy will determine how long will your PC keep going without a reboot.

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  3. I have an Nvidia Shield Tablet that can play games via the internet that are being run on my gaming PC at home due to the Nvidia GPU as well as
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Should I Leave My Computer On Overnight To Download

Timothybarham August 14, 2010 at 12:55 am Seems to me to be like religion, conspiracy theories, climate change and vegetarianism.....choose what suits you and run with it! It's been working non stop for 3 years now and it has never failed....electricity is cheap here anyways :P imprezawrx500Member Since: October 26, 2004Posts: 19187imprezawrx500FollowForum Posts: 19187Followed by: 0Reviews: 0 Stacks: Running Pc 24/7 Check out the following endurance test: http://techreport.com/review/27436/the-ssd-endurance-experiment-two-freaking-petabytes However there is a difference in the reliability of different SSD types. Is It Better To Shutdown Computer Or Leave It On IkavnieksMember Since: June 30, 2007Posts: 2848IkavnieksFollowForum Posts: 2848Followed by: 0Reviews: 7 Stacks: 0Forum Karma: 0#31 Posted by Ikavnieks (2848 posts) - 6 years, 4 months ago I'm pretty sure if your

Lifespan - the longer it's on, usually, the shorter it lives. http://train2solution.com/how-long/how-long-does-ram-last.html Which is to say if a computer was constantly used 40 hours a week, every component would "work as advertised' for Three Years. Normal being shut off at the end of a work day, so it is 1-2 years. I have a couple desktops I'm using as servers that have 2-3 week + uptimes and only get restarted when installing programs and during power failures. Laptop Running 24/7

this computer is pretty much always on. How long can I keep a 2.5" external plugged in? So, you need a reliable 24/7 PC?, use a PC with ECC RAM. http://train2solution.com/how-long/how-long-do-they-for.html Consistent power cycles wear down components.

No winner. How Long Can I Keep My Pc On R.K. just letting it sit there on.

You don't want to be disturbed by notifications or fan noise.

In fact I couldn't sleep when I was younger if my pc in my room wasn't switched on (you get used it having it on )PC's now are pretty power efficient Read More are a relatively rare but very easy way of damaging a computer. Your main problem will be the computer becoming obsolete -- you could probably put in a larger hard drive (you've already increased memory so that's good). Which Function Is Not Usually Associated With A Laptop's Fn Key More resources See also How long to keep unclaimed hardware?

The Haswell-E desktop that boots in 8 seconds? unless it is overheating it is fine. My current gateway box has been in continuous service since 2009, with short breaks only for power outages. have a peek here But i would advise you check how much it heats up, because if your case has bad airflow it might overheat the sytstem (the fans just circulating hot air inside the

you have to clean it out or the airflow going through the cpu heat sink will get clogged with dusk and which will deny sufficient cooling and the cpu can become Every time any electrical or electronic device is powered up, a momentary power surge occurs. The main difference between the two is their lifespan, the MLC wears out after about 10,000 cycles, the SLC after 100,000 cycles, ten times more than the MLC. If the computer is under heavy use with programs like these, at least 2GB of RAM would be advised.

dream-compass · 9 years ago 4 Thumbs up 3 Thumbs down Comment Add a comment Submit · just now Report Abuse WHY WOULD YOU GET A THUMBS UP FOR LEAVING YOUR solved What's you guys' opinion on my potential PC and setup build and how long do you think it would be before I had to upgrade? when i get back to turn it on, it has to download so many updates that it's not even usable for a good half hour. Reasons to leave it on You're using the PC as a server or you want to be able to remotely access it.

not on sleep mode or anything?

Yes, it's completely on... i would love to know, if it is good to shut it down when in a moving vehicle or just hibernate or put it to sleep Aibek August 14, 2010 at Thecost for something you're not even using at the moment. Hm, pardon the simple question, but I have never really known what a server is exactly.

I repair and sell as a hobby...